Turning observations into a challenge

After collecting great observations and interviews, we synthesized the information and narrowed-in on a challenge statement. To start off this second meeting, we started by identifying everything we knew about "single-use" items, either from recent observation/interviews or from personal experience.

Once everything was up on the wall, we were able to identify patterns in our observations.

In order to continue to focus our brainstorming, we created the following character profiles of potential users of "single use" items. We acted out each character profile as they made a purchase, ate their food and disposed of their waste. Check each of our our characters out with the pictures and videos below.

Eco-Friendly George

Average Joe

Oblivious Olivia

Selfish Pig

I Hate Earth

After a bit of role playing, we were able to narrow in our challenge statement: How might we encourage students to choose reusable items instead of disposable ones? We felt like "Average Joe" and "Oblivious Olivia" were the best character profiles to target for this challenge statement.

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