Narrowing our focus on specific points in the system

Prior to starting our brainstorming session, we felt it was important to set some ground rules that would keep the environment conducive to the task. As a group we came up with the following:

Then we agreed to abide by them and gave each other permission to let us know when we were not following the rules.

Based on the current system of "order, eat, dispose," we decided to ideate on the "order" step and "dispose" step in the system. We divided into two groups and tackled both steps in the process. A key obstacle for us at this point in time was not worrying about the bounds of reality. One group flew past this hurdle by first painting a picture of the ideal future in which a "super trash can" would sort trash and recycle for you and move to your location in a food court. Other groups' solutions were more process rather than product based.

After some sharing and discussion of the various options, we voted on the best 2-3 ideas. We used these ideas in the next phase as our focus for design and prototype.

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